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Have you had before or still facing similar problems during your purchasing?

A.: Have been purchased from China before but did not have good experience?
B.: Cannot assure the quality of the goods which you want to purchase from China?
C.: Worry about the delivery is too late to meet the schedule for projects?
D.: Quality of the goods is ok but the prices are too high?
E.: Suppliers told you they can produce but finally they could not, wasted too much time and costs?
F.: The quality was not good after you get and checked them, but the supplier did not want to take the responsibility?...etc.

Well, these problems may stop you purchasing from China or make you have to increase more costs for purchasing.

If you want to have a supplier and partner in China that you can trust, make the purchasing easier, reduce your costs, then Highco is one of your best choices!!

Why you choose Highco?

1. Technical supports:

Technical staffs from Highco are all worked in this field over 15 years; we can understand the products and requirements quickly and exactly. We can also offer you our professional suggestions to reduce your costs or easier production.

2. Quality Control and Guarantee:

Our manufacturing factories are all certificates by the third parties such as SGS, TUV, etc. They got quality certificates like ISO 9001, PED or TS16949.And finally these products will be 100% checked by our QC staffs before deliveries. We guarantee to our customers that Highco will be always to take the responsibility bravely, once the goods have quality problems.

3. Fast lead time for moulds and samples:
Normally we offer new samples to customers for testing and approval in 30-40days.For urgent projects, we can short the lead time to 20-25 days.

4. Production Scheduling:

We monitor the process of each orders and keep contact with our factories to know which step it is now and when the orders will be completed, then we will report to customers in time. If there is something wrong from the manufacturing processes, customers will know the information and details at the first time.

5. Easier communication:
You can have easier communication with our sales & services team; for any questions from the customers, our sales team will handle them and check with inside staffs carefully, feedback to our customers in time.

6. Reduce your purchasing costs:
The aim of the company is always offering the best quality products from China to our customers with the best prices. We cannot assure to offer you the lowest prices from China, but we can assure you to get the most competitive prices equal to the quality requirements.


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